CMA Cross Town Collaboration

Premier Builders grid of photos from Habitat for Humanity Day, Ipwich, MA (2016)

In the spirit of CMA’s goal to promote co-operation, collaboration, and teamwork among its members, Ken Kumph of Premier Builders and Ed Curtis of Curtis Cabinetry recently did just that.

Both knew of each other prior and Ed had helped Ken out some time ago when Premier’s edge banding machine went down in the middle of a big job.

That in itself was an indication that there can be cooperation among fellow cabinet makers.

Although both companies call Georgetown, MA home to their respective businesses, Ed and Ken really didn’t get to know each other until spending some time together in Atlanta at the AWF Trade Show last August.

“We realized that we have a lot in common, work 3 miles from each other, and are not necessarily competitors but like minded business owners,” said Kumph.

They promised to stay in touch and collaborate when opportunity presents itself.

That opportunity came up recently Ed said, “We were trying to get more out of our E-Laser Templating System and knew that Ken and his team were using the same equipment, I gave Ken a call and asked for some assistance.”

The two soon set up an afternoon at Curtis Cabinetry to get together and share insight. The Premier Builders shop team drove the 5 minutes to Curtis Cabinetry and all got acquainted. Ed opened up his doors and the combined crews just started talking shop.

The result? “Well I’m not sure we solved any great mysteries with the templating system but we did start a friendship and sense of camaraderie among our teams that will continue,” Kumph commented.

Both Ed and Ken agree that it was a worthwhile and satisfying experience. Curtis says, “I suggested to Ken that we make this a quarterly commitment to continue to help each other in our businesses.”

Both companies have been long time  members of The Cabinet Makers Association.

The Cabinet Makers Association is group of like-minded business owners committed to professionalism and education for the small to medium sized cabinet shop.

For more information please contact the CMA Executive Director, Amanda Conger

Ed Curtis, Curtis Cabinetry

Ken Kumph, Premier Builders